Henry is an A.I driven assistant designed to help you and your team keep track of work progress and well-being, effortlessly.

Regular check-ins that keep your team and projects in sync

Henry makes sharing continuous feedback about work and progress simple with regular check-ins. With Henry you and your team will be able to see how things are progressing without the hassle of status updates and emails.

Saving time
Reduce the time spent on status meetings and email

Increasing productivity
Spot issues affecting team well-being on work progress early

Improving communication
With Henry feedback becomes continuous helping everyone to stay in sync

henryGood morning Alex! Most of the team have expressed their concern regarding some ongoing projects. I've taken the liberty to summarize the information for you.

Are there any projects you are currently concerned about?





These are their concerns


What is going on in your team or teams

Henry will gather team feedback, analyse it and present it for you to help you quickly see how your team is doing.

What is affecting performance or engagement

With intelligent follow ups Henry will make sure to source feedback from each team member to help you better understand potential issues and causes.

Understand how you as a manager can help

Help your team work smarter by personalised coaching and removing hurdles as they appear.

How teams use Henry

Reflect on their work to improve and share learnings.
Follow up on progress to keep projects on track.
Track well-being to know what is affecting team enagement and productivity.
Celebrate wins to increase engagement and culture.
Uncover blind spots and know in advance what may affect your team and projects.
Q&A. Ask whatever questions you need answers to.

Build an open, honest and including team culture

With Henry everyone in your team has the ability to share their thoughts and be heard. Give everyone the opportunity to be heard and share their thoughts. With Henry your team will feel heard, valued and included.

Make your entire team a part of
the team’s development.

Gather feedback

Source ideas and